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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sponsored Review: Korean Sports Watch from Escoot

[Sponsored Review]


Can you believe that its already gonna be 2015 the day after tomorrow??!!   O.O

Time is ticking too fast by the second everyday! 

This has been a rather meaningful year for me.
All in all, I LEARNT a lot of things this year and that included learning about myself.
Its a form of self-realization, if I may say so.

And oh, I had a fantastic time with my friends during the Xmas season too. Maybe its because I'm no longer THAT young (ok shhh lol), it wasn't really about the presents anymore.
I was really happy just to spend genuine time with my loved ones.  :)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

OH YES... speaking of presents!

sports watch from Escoot.sg was delivered to me in a little brown box lately before Christmas.

(In case you don't already know, I totally love gift boxes. 
Gift boxes have a nice sweet feeling attached to them, don't you think so?
Its like.. it shows that the sender did put some thought and effort into the gift, so I guess that's a pretty nice feeling as a recipient.)


That's the Korean sports watch I received, in black colour.

Honestly, I've never really worn sports watches before in my life,
so I was rather curious and excited to try it out.

It fits well!  :D

Shiny Sparkles

If you haven't noticed, can you see that there are lots of little "diamond" sparkles close to every number?

So sparkling and shiny - I think it adds some life to the watch and makes it look stylish.
(Or am I saying that just because I love sparkles?! Sparkles = Stylish! Haha!)

Btw, of course those aren't real diamonds (duh!).
But still sparkly, nevertheless.

Soft straps

Even the straps are super soft and comfortable to be on the wrist.
The straps are long enough and the watch came together with additional batteries - which is great btw, saves me the time to hunt for batteries if I ever needed one suddenly!

These stylish Korean sports watches are available in both black and white. And its relatively cheap and affordable, especially if you're looking for a simple yet chic watch to go for a sporty look!

These watches are available for sale on Escoot.sg - do check them out!  :)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Meanwhile, since its only a day away to 2015, let me wish all of you a


May it be a FANTASTIC year for all of you out there.i
Please don't bother to make resolutions - it usually doesn't work, TRUST ME LOL!

Instead.... start taking action to achieve your goals and dreams. Even a small action will go a long way. That's all that matters.

Keep trying and never give up!!  :)

As for me, I guess I'll still be as busy as ever.

If you'd like to catch up with me (online) more often, please follow me on my Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter.


With lots of sweets & chocolates.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Sponsored Review: LOVEMORE Water Beauty Series

[Sponsored Review]

Once again the past few months have been nothing short of exciting. I haven't had much time to blog due to my busy lifestyle but in case you're interested to know, I was featured in Women's Weekly Singapore magazine and most recently on Simply Her magazine. (Shall post them up on 'The Publicist' fanpage soon!)

And of course, no matter how busy one is, I've always emphasized on taking good care of our skin - especially for girls. There's no denying that I am vain like that - and I think beauty/ skincare sponsors already know that and hence I'm always receiving more facial masks in comparison to other products for review hahahaha! So let's get straight to the point now.

Some sponsored box of LOVEMORE and SEXY LOOK masks goodness arrived at my doorstep:

Today, I'll only be reviewing the LOVEMORE Water Beauty Series.
There is a range of them out there in the market but I was specially given the Deep Sea Water Hydrating mask as I have quite a dry facial skin.

Apparently, this mask have been given a New Upgrade – the mask is formulated with triple moisture-lock for long-lasting hydration and moisturizing, with a thinner mask sheet containing more generous essence!

To be honest, most of the masks I've usually tried in my life are the ones meant for brightening my skin etc. I've never really thought of putting on facial masks to hydrate my skin (I usually use spring water spray to do that instead of masks). So I thought it'll be a nice change to try out LOVEMORE water beauty series mask.

Review of LOVEMOREDeep Sea Hydrating mask after use:

- The mask definitely had LOTS of essence in it (til it was overflowing a little from the package itself). When I removed the mask from my face, I believe most of the essence was already well-absorbed into my skin. I could see that my face was moisturized and not dry looking at all.

- No smell or fragrance (which I think is good, since its meant to hydrate only!)

- Felt rather refreshing after use (face seemed slightly brighter too)

- Most importantly, the layout of the mask was pretty generous - I do have a small face and so the mask was slightly big for me BUT I think if you have a n average/ bigger face, the mask would fit your face shape really well without leaving out any parts of your face.

The only gripe I had about the mask though was that my face felt sticky right after using the mask. I had to wipe and wash my face thereafter.

Ratings: 6.5/ 10

LOVEMORE Water Beauty Series

Thank you for the sponsored masks!  :)

With lots of sweets & chocolates.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Media Feature: The Publicist on Singapore Women's Weekly magazine

In the blink of an eye, it's already mid February 2014!

It's been some time since I last left my trail on this blog; so much have happened to me (both good and bad) since Dec 2013. Well, let's forget about the bad things and carry on with the good vibes of life. Sometimes, things do happen for a reason. On top of that, the past 2 months have been crazy-busy for me but hey, here I am to say Hello to you!  ;)

So for those of you who have landed on this blog due to my lil feature on March's issue of Singapore Women's Weekly magazine,

Hello there!!! Welcome to my little woman-cave! LOL.  :P

Hell yes, who says that only men goes into 'hiding' in their cave when they need their me-time?

This is my woman-cave where I write about my thoughts (some which may be acceptable by society and maybe some which may not bode well with everyone on earth haha).

In any case, I strongly believe that women gotta empower themselves to express themselves freely - I do, most of the time on my personal Facebook (as its most convenient to post on FB) - but there are also times when I just wanna speak up aloud to the world out there and not just contain my words within the walls of Facebook/ Twitter. I love connecting with the world out there (which might explain why I do what I do because I love love love meeting/speaking with people from all walks of life). My blog is my go-to place when I need to shut myself off from the hustle bustle of life and that's when I start pondering about certain issues & voice out my opinion/thoughts on topics such as:

Plastic Surgery: http://zazabong.blogspot.sg/2012/02/beauty-perfection-and-plastic-surgery.html#axzz2tSB21mIr
Animal Abuse: http://zazabong.blogspot.sg/2010/11/stop-animal-abuse.html#axzz2tSB21mIr
Suicide: http://zazabong.blogspot.sg/2010/12/man-falls-off-track-at-queenstown-mrt.html#axzz2tSB21mIr
Closet Sluts: http://zazabong.blogspot.sg/2011/08/are-you-closet-slut.html#axzz2tSB21mIr
Of Humanity: http://zazabong.blogspot.sg/2011/07/what-happened-to-humanity-my-fellow.html#axzz2tSB21mIr

And sometimes I have a huge urge to say funny shit like this:

(You may read the rest of my old posts under the "Recommended Posts" and more on event/beauty reviews under "Advertorials/ Events/ Reviews/ Media" section - all on the RIGHT side of the page.)

Which only my bestest of friends know about and the regular public who reads it. And now you new readers (welcome!).  :D

Meanwhile, I just realised something.
13 Feb 2014 marks the 4th ANNIVERSARY OF MY BLOG!!!!!

And how apt, for my blog to be featured onto Singapore Women's Weekly magazine right smack on its 4th anniversary. Lovely! And of course, without the readers, this couldn't have gone on for FOUR years! So, THANK YOU!  :)))

I shall be making a conscious effort to write more this year.


With lots of sweets & chocolates.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

CHANEL The Little Black Jacket - Photos by Karl Lagerfeld (Private Exhibition on 8 Nov 2013)

[Exclusive Media Invite] 
H.E.L.L.O everyone!  :)
It's been one huge rollercoaster ride in the past few months - I've been unexpectedly busy til I haven't really had time to blog! That said, it's all good. The less time I have to blog, it means the busier I am, which also means the more positive things have been going quite well for me - really unexpectedly but I'm glad. It's a happy 'complain' anyways.
So a few days back, I was invited to CHANEL's private exhibition in Singapore which featured 
The Little Black Jacket - Photos by Karl Lagerfeld,
where Chanel's classic were revisited by Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld.
 Let me begin by saying that Coco Chanel is da bomb - I love her for being such an inspiration, believing in the beauty of her dreams and for being so daring when it came to fashion.
The Little Black Jacket by CHANEL was a private event held on 8 Nov 2013, where only friends of the media, celebrities and VIPs were invited. Singapore is its last stop for the exhibition
(which showcases over 100 photographs of notable personalities wearing CHANEL's little black jacket).

(It is open to public from 9 Nov til sometime in January 2014 I heard, so do check it out! More info here: http://thelittleblackjacket.chanel.com/en_US/exhibition/singapore)

Hence, it was our honour (myself + artistes Liv Lo & Henry Golding) to attend the exclusive event/ exhibition.
In fact, CHANEL was so sweet to have three of us picked up in a cosy Mercedes ride all the way to MBS. Our chauffeur Mr Ramli was very polite & patient too. Thank you CHANEL!

The event was held at the Arts Science Museum from 9pm all the way to midnight. We had lots of FUN! The exhibition photos were worth praising & admiring and I spotted some of my fav photos too - scroll down as I write.
P/S: The photos I have here might not look so great as the lighting in the exhibition was rather dim at certain areas (to showcase the exhibition).

Artistes Liv Lo, Henry Golding and myself

This was the first set of photos we saw when we walked in.

And then this.

And we spotted the lovely model 
Fiona Fussi!
 Fiona Fussi, Myself, Liv Lo

International faces like
Song Kye Gyo, Karolina Kurkova, Ju Xiao Wen, Soo Joo & Alma Jodorowsky
were also there to grace the event.

And then we spotted Henry Golding

HAHA, just kidding! The 3 of us came together, as you already know. 
This is what I'd call
the powerhouse celebrity couple in Singapore - Liv Lo & Henry Golding ("v")
(I'm just the strong bright pink lightbulb with the couple lol)  :P

 More photo exhibit.

So there was a point of time when Henry was speaking with some guests while Liv and I were dragged away elsewhere to speak with the media. By then, we had 'lost' Henry and we were walking around, admiring at the photos... and suddenly we spotted this quiet room at a corner where no one seemed to be aware of!
(If you're visiting the exhibition, please keep a lookout for this room!)
It had a sign that said
So we decided to check out the room... and what we saw... was just breathtaking!
. . . . . . . .

The photos were actually imprinted onto the glass. Gosh. And you know I'm a sucker for colours and artsy stuff too. So this is really my ultimate fav! Just can't take my eyes of it. Beautiful!

And towards our left (in the same room), we saw her!

Just one word.

It was really nice to hang out with so many familiar faces, especially with my friends from the media, during the event. The exhibition was too cool and we even received mega huge exclusive posters at the end of it.
When it was less crowded towards midnight.
Henry helped me to take this photo.
We each had a photo taken against this wall - it's like a must-do, with that long stretch of film-like photos. Lovely. I like this stretch of photos exhibit too.

As you can tell from the photos I've posted above, I was wearing PINK.
Bright pink, if I may add so!
Well, Pink is the new black. I INSIST.  :D
(Okok, it's just me, I don't really like following the rules/themes usually + black isn't my fav colour.)
So, then..
I shall end this blog post with a special effect photo of me.
Lastly, presenting The Pink Spirit against Karl Lagerfeld photo wall.

With that light reflecting on my face, shoulders and clothes, don't you think I look like a spirit there, especially with my long dress and my straight vertical pose?!  :P

#ArtsyPhoto  :x
(Well, Henry Golding took this photo for me btw.)

We certainly had fun and in fact, we hung around til over 12am+ and Bobby Tonelli & his friend joined us at the exhibition later on. It was so good to see everyone that day. 
I really enjoyed The Little Black Jacket photos by Karl Lagerfeld exhibition.
Thank you for inviting us!  =)
With lots of sweets & chocolates.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Note From The Publicist

Yes that's me.  :)

"No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness." - Aristotle

That's right.
When I first read this quote a few months ago, it immediately spoke to me.
Then I grew to love this quote and decided to stick to it as I reached another stage of my life recently. I've never looked back since then and am so happy now - things kind of happened by chance & fate, as I'd call it. With a touch of madness, followed by good karma (whatever you do will come around to you).

Chasing My Dreams
I strongly believe that everyone should chase after their dreams if they are truly passionate about something - no matter how crazy or out of the world it may seem. If you have to give up something in order to attain your goals/ dreams, then give it up and just do it. Why should one be afraid of the unknown?

An old friend of mine PXH used to tell me this whenever I was faced with a setback, he would say "Burn the bridge and never look back!" - he used to be in the army btw, hence his favourite army-ish quote lol. He is right. One should only look forward and not backwards. 

No 'What Ifs'
The core happiness in life is to truly live my life the way I want in this one lifetime without holding back. Love freely, laugh freely, run freely. There shouldn't be too many "what ifs" in life - and I KNOW that I don't wanna talk about these "what ifs" when I'm old.

Life has been such a wonderful journey.
I've somewhat found my calling.
I say "somewhat" because I don't believe in living in just ONE dream at a time. I'm not greedy. Its just that I know where I want to go and be at in life one day + how to get there through my sheer determination. Moreover, life is short.

And believe me, everyone has a talent, so I hope you'll find yours too if you haven't. Just do yourself a favour - BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS. GO FOR IT! - Even if some people tell you otherwise.

Being able to do what I really love to do (aka passion) and being able to achieve a part of my dream through my own hard work now (and the support received from my loved ones and friends) is nothing less than a blessing. I am very happy and thankful to have each one of them in my life.


I just have the strong urge to comment on the recent news about Xie Shaoguang becoming a monk for real. I think he's fantastic!

Totally respect him for following his desired path by leaving all his fame behind. I don't think its easy to leave one's fame, accredits and riches just like that but he did it yo. He wasn't just an actor mind you, but an award winning one AND he was really THAT popular amongst the old generation and the 80s kid who grew up watching him on tv in the 90s (like me). He has my respect!

Article Reference: http://www.lollipop.sg/content/he-has-entered-another-realm-says-anthony-chen-who-waited-3-hours-vain-xie-shaoguang-0

*Images as credited.

As Frank Sinatra would tell you - now, THAT'S LIFE.  =)

So do whatever you want. Follow your heart. Let no one stop you from being what you want to be.. Because you only have this ONE LIFETIME to walk to your dream destination.  :)

With lots of sweets & chocolates.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

[Sponsored Advertorial] 3 Treasures from Bio-Essence (Royal Jelly + ATP Shape V Face series)

[Sponsored Advertorial]

A couple of weeks ago, 'Your Royal Highness' - yes me (lol) - was presented with a ROYAL TREAT that sent me feeling ecstatic for weeks.

I was sponsored with 3 ROYAL TREASURES.

Three Royal Treasures.

For ladies who want to look beautiful!

I guess Bio-Essence have always gotten that vibe from me - that I'm vain and so I see the importance of taking care of my skin, especially my face lol!

Hence they sent to me the 3 treasures from the Bio-Essence  Royal Jelly + ATP Shape V Face series, namely:


 Deep Exfoliating Gel with Royal Jelly + ATP

Radiant Youth Essence with Royal Jelly + ATP

Face Lifting Cream with Royal Jelly + ATP 


So here's more info about each of the 3 treasures:

Deep Exfoliating Gel with Royal Jelly & ATP

Zero Dead Skin in 1 Step!

Product Benefits:
  • Gently and painlessly exfoliates out blackheads and white heads
  • Exfoliates away deep layer of dead skin for better absorption of subsequent skincare products
  • Brightens dull skin, makes dry and rough skin softer and smoother
  • Regulates and balances oil secretion
  • Helps prevents pimples
  • Helps lighten scars and pimple marks
  • Improves skin texture for a refine and fair complexion
  • Makeup glides on easily, lasts longer and looks more natural
Retail Price: S$32.90
Size: 60g

Radiant Youth Essence with Royal Jelly & ATP

Tender & Radiant Skin

Contains 95% Green Tea extract which provides superior anti-oxidant property to protect skin against signs of ageing, it intensively nourishes kin and locks in moisture, keeping skin smooth and supple.

Product Benefits:
  • Rapidly absorbed into skin to intensively moisturize and nourishes skin to make skin soft and smooth
  • Hydrates skin and locks in moisture to prevent dryness and keep skin supple and hydrated
  • Rich in anti-oxidant property to protect skin against harmful free radicals
  • Reduces signs of skin ageing
  • Ideal to be applied in cold weather where the air is very dry
Retail Price: S$38.90
Size: 40ml

Face Lifting Cream with Royal Jelly & ATP

Shape V Face Looks Younger


Products Benefits:
  • Lifts facial contours
  • Firms sagging skin
  • Reduces double skin
  • Contracts pores & refines skin
  • Reduces appearance of ageing line
  • Deeply nourishes & moisturizes skin
  • Reduces visible fine lines & wrinkles
  • Shapes V face, enhancing feminine charm
Retail Price: S$49.90
Size: 40g

Why I Love This 3 Treasures:


I've always felt that facial products with royal jelly are great for nourishing our skin. That's already a winner in itself for the 3 Treasures of the V Face Series set. 

In addition, what's great about this Bio-Essence V Face Series range is that it doesn't leave behind any oily feeling on the skin. The Deep Exfoliating Gel helps to clear off dead skin and blackheads etc.


In fact, I love the Radiant Youth Essence a lot! I noticed that it sort of brightens up the skin a little by little each time it is used (which I believe that frequent use will have more impact on the results). It gives a radiant glow to the skin.

I can't quite make up my mind on the Face Lifting Cream though because I naturally already have a V-shaped face, so its hard to tell. But be assured, that the packaging even provides a cute measuring tape for you to monitor its effects on your face. So try the cream, measure your face and see if it works for you!

In case you didn't know, besides the 3 products above, there's another 3 sets of products to complete the entire Bio-essence Royal Jelly & ATP Skin Care Regime:

Products are available for sale at BHG, Giant, Guardian, John Little, NTUC FairPrice, OG, Robinsons, SaSa, Watsons

Royal Goodness for my readers:

 Play the UNLOCK YOUR FEMININE CHARM Facebook game & stand to win daily prizes at:

Have fun!

Thank you Bio-Essence for the generous sponsorship! 


With lots of sweets & chocolates.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Female Ninja spotted during haze in Singapore!

Only I can fight the haze in Singapore.
I'm Za!
I'm NIN-ZA!!
Check out my N95 mask yo!

(Stop checking out George Young, you are supposed to CHECK ME OUT + MY MASK!)
I decided to décor it last night as I hate wearing the same plain mask as everyone else in the world. So I drew a female ninja anime, with my NIN-ZA tagline and even signed my name on it lol! Now its truly personalized and truly MY mask. #SoSatisfiedWithIt

And I walked around hazy Singapore with it since I had to work and run an errand before heading back home.

 I REPEAT. Do not check George Young out. CHECK ME OUT LOLOLOLOL.

Honestly, there's no point whining and complaining about the haze if there's nothing we can do about it.

So....you might as well HAVE FUN like me! :D

Add some creativity to your mask, parade it around and make a fashion statement. So fun!

On a LIGHTER note, THANK YOU Indonesia/ Sumatra for the gift of love.

You see, I'm not acting like a spoilt child because of the haze (that's what Indonesia's minister said of us it seems). Instead, I transform into a fighting ninja to fight the haze with my mask!! Lol!  #LikeThatAlsoIHappy  #NotTooScaredOfHaze

P/S: Anybody want a personalized mask too? Lol I might consider drawing it for you!  :P

With lots of sweets & chocolates.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Sponsored Review: Mentholatum Deep Moist - Natural Lipbalm

[Sponsored Review]

Here's a narcissistic pic of my face.

But the purpose of this post is not for you to look at my face but my lips!!
Introducing the new

I've always been sponsored with lip balms from Mentholatum as you can see in my two blog posts here and here. But I've never been given any from the Deep Moist range before. So I was really excited to try it on coz I LOVE LOVE LOVE lip balms!

Mentholatum Deep Moist is an ultra hydrating lipbalm with hyaluronic acid (and it has been repackaged!) I love how the new packaging looks dark, icy-like & mysterious. It looks so COOL!

What are its key moisturizing ingredients?

1) Hyaluronic Acid
(a premium ingredient that forms a smooth, moisture locking shield for softer, smoother lips). It can hold 1000X its weight in water, or 6 litres of water with just 1g.

2) Shea Butter
(heals the skin and gives a soft, pleasant texture to the lip balm)

3) Jojoba Oil
(gives pro-longed, whole day hydration to the lips)

And its added winning formula is attributed to its ergonomic packaging design!

I like how the Deep Moist lip balm comes in an oval-shaped container design that fits the corner of the mouth well & so it makes it easy to apply with just a single swipe! No need to "mop" your lip balm on your lips left and right with all sorts of weird angles LOL.

My Verdict:

- No smell/fragrance whatsoever

- Not sticky

- Smooth texture on the lips

- Long lasting

And if you noticed my lips on the top image in this post, I actually applied my own lipstick after applying the lip balm.

Its perfect.

In my personal opinion, Mentholatum is a trusted brand and so, THANK YOU Mentholatum for sponsoring me with lip balms all these while, I love them! :D

With lots of sweets & chocolates.

Sponsored Review: Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Lotion with NEW NANO FORMULA

[Sponsored Review]

Late last year, I had blogged about Xmas coming earlier coz I was presented with Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Lotion!

And now the sweet people from Hada Labo has yet again given me another Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Lotion WITH NEW NANO FORMULA!!

And if you're like me, wondering what is the meaning of  Arbutin...

Arbutin is an extract from natural bearberry plant. It is used to enhance skin fairness and helps fight dark spots.   :)

I know that Hada Labo must have read my previous blog post.
Because this time round, my Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Lotion was packaged in a clear plastic with lots of pink HEARTS imprinted all over, you know!! HAHAHAHAHA. *heartmelts* So tao yan!  :P
(You'll get what I mean only if you read my previous post on their whitening lotion)

As I've mentioned before, what I like about their product is that its NOT sticky - that's the most important factor for me when it comes to skincare. It makes or breaks the deal. Believe me, I can never tolerate anything that is sticky except for chewing/bubble gums hah!

So here's my verdict for this new and improved lotion:


  • Its the same water-based and colourless lotion as its 'ancestor'. Free of fragrance or any sort of smell (otherwise it might feel as though you are putting on perfume on your face!)

Moisturizing Effect

  • Same effect as before! It gets absorbed into my skin in less than a couple of seconds and quite immediately, I felt my skin tighten a bit - and it moisturizes the skin too. In fact, this time round I noticed a slightly sparkly skin upon application.

Sticky or not?

  • Haha I told you already! Its NOT sticky!! Its indeed free of fragrance, oil, colour and alcohol (that's what the product brochure claims and I think its true!)

Whitening Effect

  • I do see my face looking slightly radiant upon use. With that slight sparkly effect.

Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Lotion with its new nano formula is certainly worth trying.

It does not just brightens your skin and gives it a glow, it also helps to PREVENT future spots, giving you an even toned natural fairness.

I strongly believe that young people these days ought to take precaution in preventing spots - coz it might happen without you realizing it and by the time you realize, it'll be too late. Especially when most of us are over-exposed to the sun etc.

Thank you Hada Labo for sponsoring me again!  =)

(And in case you're wondering about that heart over my mouth, HAHAHAHA OK FINE I'LL CONFESS - I realized that I didn't like the way I smiled in this pic and so I just stuck the heart over it since I've already removed my eye make up that day & was lazy to redo make up to take another shot. LOL. OK LETS MOVE ON.)

For you, my dear readers..... yes you!!

You can now redeem
a FREE 20ml travel size bottle of Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Lotion & Cleansing Oil samples
at Hada Labo(sg) Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/hadalabosg).

With lots of sweets & chocolates.
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